Nataraja T. C.

    Designation : Faculty, Department of TourismAdministration, Sahyadri Commerce and Management College, Shivamogga

    Journal Name : Reserach maGma

    Abstract :
    At present, tourism has become an emerging asa fastest and generating a large number of employments for people both skilled and unskilled. A business goes where it is invited but permanently stays, where it is respected. In India, industry has the major contribution towards the growth of GDP. Tourism as a Culture influenced by globalization has engineered a sound foundation for the development of Tourism industry in India. The increasing domination of Tourism industry in the process of economic transformation has been injecting new strength to the economy of the country. The future of tourism industry is definitely exciting but several human resource challenges are being faced such aspoor supply of quality people and lack of infrastructural facilities areintimidating in providing the quality. The institutions and universities are failing in transforming soft skills of people through latest measures. Against this background the present paper makes an attempt to discuss different facets of tourism education, availability of training institutes and their status in Travel & Tourism Management and the available infrastructure of Hotels and Restaurants along with the workforce involved for serving tourists. The paper will also attempt to recommend what can be done to improve the status of tourism and hospitality education in India.

    Keywords :
    Tourism Industry, Hospitality, Tourism Education, Training,Human Resource Development

    Reference :
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