Dr. R. Bakyaraj

    Designation : Assistant Professor, Department of English, KLEF, Vaddeswaram, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

    Journal Name : Reserach maGma

    Abstract :
    There is no textual evidence of the Savitri Satyavan myth in The English Teacher. A thought reading of the novel illustrates that the novel uses this myth and presents a reversal of the protagonist’s role in terms of gender. In The English Teacher, Krishnan is a lecturer in English at Albert Mission College in malgudi. He finds his job frustrating. In the beginning, he lives alone in a hostel, but anticipating the arrival of his wife and the young daughter, he shifts to a resented house in Saratu Street. His mother, for whom house-keeping is a grand affair, arrives from the village to set the house for him. Krishnan’s wife, and the daughter, Leela, also arrive a few days later and receive family’s traditional welcome at the gate by krishnan’s mother. The mother leaves for the village after some time. Is religious minded and parsimonious. In spite of occasional quarrels, Krishnan and are extremely fond of each other and equally of their daughter. There is a pact that Leeela should be their only child. The sale of a clamorous clock by without consulting Krishnan brings a temporary breach of their relationship, which is resolved amicably later. The earlier phase of their married life bubbles with romantic love, caressing every tete- a tete, be that silly or ingeniously witty. The warmth and togetherness make their lives blissful. Krishnan always craves to call his wife ‘Jasmine’.

    Keywords :
    Eccentric, Astrologer, Religious, Clamorous, Distress, Exile.

    Reference :
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