Suyog G.

    Designation : Research Scholar, Department of Sociology, Kuvempu University, Shankarghatta, Karnataka, India.

    Journal Name : Reserach maGma

    Abstract :
    Education is a means for social development, democratic empowerment and advancing of the general well-being and economic development of societies. It ensures the accumulation and sharing of knowledge and cultural capital. However, in the economic debate, which emphasizes the importance of a knowledge-based economy, this definition of education is evermore contested and education has come to be understood solely as an economic factor rather than a tool for social development. Seeking to turn education into a commodity, framing it in market terms, and encouraging the entry of commercial concerns could be seen as simply an expression of neo-liberal politics in a particular state or area. However, we need to understand the nature of the forces that have pushed (or seduced) governments into adopting such policies - and it is here that we can see the process of globalization directly at work.

    Keywords :
    Education, Commodification, Democratic Empowerment

    Reference :
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