Dr. M. Harsha Preetha Dev Kumar

    Designation : Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work Acharya Nagarjuna University Nagarjuna Nagar Guntur District. A.P.

    Journal Name : Reserach maGma

    Abstract :
    Street vendors are an integral component of informal sector and form a social and vital part of the social and economic life of a country. Street vendors play an important role in the urban dwellers in Ongole town of Andhra Pradesh. This paper attempts to explain about the businesses of street vendors as well as their impacts on our society. A large number of people are directly and indirectly engaged with this occupation. Two objectives constitute the message of this study. Firstly, a number of people are generating income through street vending which helps them and their families. Secondly, street vendors are a source of employment as they occupy a large part of informal sector in Ongole town of Andhra Pradesh. But the street vendors are faced different type of problems, some unfavorable effects are also visible such as lack of management system approaches, which create problems in urban areas by producing street garbage and gathering crowd on the footpath. By the implementation of proper public management system and with help of social work professional, street vendors would become a role model for urban dwellers of Ongole town of Andhra Pradesh.

    Keywords :
    Livelihood, Socio-economic, Street Vendors, Unorganized.

    Reference :
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