R.Soundar Rajan and Dr.M.Hema Mary

    Designation : Ph.D. Research Scholar, Department of Management & Research, AVS College of Arts and Science, Salem

    Journal Name : Reserach maGma

    Abstract :
    Nowadays cashless transactions are used all the sectors and the society. In this study presents customers attitude towards cashless transactions in Salem District. The objective of the study is attitude towards cashless transaction in Salem District. Simple Random sampling method was used to collect the data. The size of the sample is 70. The primary data was collected through questionnaire from the respondents of Salem District. For analyzing the primary data, statistical tools such as T-test, F- test and Factor analysis were used with the help of SPSS Software 21.0. The major finding of the study is there is no significant difference between attitudes and the demographic variables.

    Keywords :
    Attitude, Cashless and Transaction

    Reference :
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