• Political Participation of Okkaliga Community in Shivamogga District of Karnataka State

    Dharmegowda H M and Prof. Chandrakant M Yatanoor

    Designation : Research Scholar, Dept. of Political Science and Dept. of Political Science, Gulbarga University

    Journal Name : Reserach maGma

    Abstract :
    This survey examined the Political Participation of Okkaliga Community in Shivamogga District of Karnataka State. The study took in both Qualitative and Quantitative methods of enquiry based on the views of Political environment, Political socialization, Modes of participation, Campaign activities, Co-operative activity, Caste Factor, voting behaviour, party membership/attachment and protests or demonstration in the last five years. Researcher adopted the purposive sampling technique under non-probability sampling method. A well-structured, closed and open-ended questionnaire was distributed to 250 respondents in seven taluks of Shivamogga District. The questionnaires were administered to presidents, vice-presidents, members of Panchayat raj institutions (Zilla Panchayat, Taluk Panchayat and Gram Panchayat), Council members and general publics who are belonging to Okkaliga community. Findings indicate that, Okkaligas with a higher grade of instruction are more probable to think that voting influences the government than those with below average level of teaching, the majority of poor people from Okkaligas are enabled to contend the election due to lack of non-mobilization of votes and lack of economic resources. The rich people among Okkaligas are able to win the elections due to economic status and with mobilization capacity.

    Keywords :
    Political Participation, Okkaliga Community in Shivamogga,

    Reference :
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