S. Thirunavukarasu

    Designation : M.Com., B.L., Part time Research Scholar (Additional Superintendent of Police) Govt. of Tamil Nadu, Department of Economics, Guru Nanak College, Chennai

    Journal Name : Reserach maGma

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    Societies are divided on the basis of not only caste, class, religion but also ‘gender’. Humans are divided into two sexes or two genders – male and female. While sexual differences are biologically determined, gender differences are culturally constructed. A women is not only a biologically entity. She is expected to fulfill certain functions according to the norms of her society. Thus while all women are members of the female sex, their gender roles may vary according to the societies and families into which they are born. Women are discriminated against in almost all societies on the basis of gender. They do not get the same access to health care, education, economic rights as the men of their societies do. In Tamil Nadu also women are discriminated on the basis of gender. Violence against women is a crude form of displaying men’s superiority over women. It is used to put ‘women in their proper place by men. Violence against women takes various forms such as rape sexual harassment, abuse and domestic violence. Rape, sexual harassment, eve-teasing, molestation and abuse of women and young girls perpetuate the notion that women need male protection at various stages of life. Eve-teasing in colleges, public place is rampant. There have been frequent instances where acid has been thrown on young girls in order to defence them. Sexual harassment and abuse at work place are not reported by women for fear of losing jobs and public ridicule. There has been a marked increase in the cases of rape against women, even children are not spared. Many cases go unreported due to fear of public stigmatization and non-co-operation of responsible department. Another pernicious form of violence against women is domestic violence, i.e. wife-beating, ill-treatment, emotional torture and dowry death. Dowry death is the most extreme form of violence practiced against women.

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