Designation : Assistant Professor of English, Govt. College, Malappuram, Kerala, India

    Journal Name : Reserach maGma

    Publication Date : 11/10/2017

    Abstract :
    The tribals and Adivasis are the historically termed as the first inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent. Therefore it is mandatory to allow the adivasis and dalits to be a part of this land. But after the invasion of Aryans, Adivasis or Dravidians were forced to quit from their own land and they were given the title as bonded labourers. Aryans used their hegemonic power to marginalize the original inhabitants of our country. In the name of development the forest dwellers are rooted out from their own habitat. This displacement of Adivasis affects the total environment of their lives and they are scattered everywhere unable to uphold their group culture. Mahaswetha Devi and Bama tried to excavate the hidden knowledge lied deep under the memories of historians. They focused their writings on these groups of people who are highly marginalized in the society. Mahaswetha Devi, though she negated the argument that she was a feminist, also wrote about females and their relationship with land much. It is because the Dalit or tribal women are always at the bottom level of social hierarchy. Bama, the advocate of Dalit feminism also wrote much about the atrocities faced by the Dalit women in the society.

    Keywords :
    Tribals, Adivasis, Dalits

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