Designation : Assistant Professor of English Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur

    Journal Name : Reserach maGma

    Publication Date : 11/10/2017

    Abstract :
    Making a thing invisible resides in denying the thing any existence. To avoid talking about anything is to invisibilize it. Homosexuality is a major problem that threatens the fabric of our multicultural country like India. All are leading life as they expect but LGBT people undergo a lot of issues. Sex has been the vital part in life. Among LGBT, gays basically men face problems. A man having love and affection towards another man is seen as the act of inhuman. Love between man and woman is considered as the perfect one to lead life. A man canít reveal himself as a gay because the society is not ready to hold it up. It is beyond the question whether the society would accept the gays. Being a man, everyone would expect to have heterosexual life. But on the contrary to this, gays are caught between heterosexuality and homosexuality. Many have considered the true love between gays as something obnoxious and disgusting one. On a Muggy Night in Mumbai is the first Indian play boldly bringing out the subjects of homosexuality. The dramatist is the one who brings the humans from the periphery level to the center of the universe. The presenter goes to cull out the mindset of gays, their longingness and their attitudes in the paper.

    Keywords :
    Homosexuality, LGBT, Heterosexuality

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