Designation : II MA English Nanjil Catholic College of Arts and Science, Kaliyakkavilai

    Journal Name : Reserach maGma

    Publication Date : 11/10/2017

    Abstract :
    The novel The Vegetarian was penned by Han Kang. It was published in the year 2007 in Korea and it was translated by Deborah Smith in the year 2016. The novella primarily deals with the story of Yeong-hye, a home-maker, who decides to stop eating meat after a nightmarish dream about human cruelty leads to devastating consequences in her personal and familial life. Through this the reader comes to know that the decisions taken by women will not be valid and the society or the dominant powers will make them to stop the decision and also, this novella deals with how men and society abuses the female body. This paper deals with the ideas of family and identity.

    Keywords :
    Familial life, women’s decision

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