Designation : Guest Lecturer, PG Department of English, Thiruvalluvar University College of Arts & Science, Arakkonam

    Journal Name : Reserach maGma

    Publication Date : 11/10/2017

    Abstract :
    This paper is analysis about the culture in India by R.K. Narayanan, who was an Indian fictional writer. His writing is simple and the gentle beauty and humour in tragic situations. He chooses small town India in his writing in a manner that was both believable and experimental. he also employed the use of nuanced dialogic prose with gentle Tamil overtones based on the nature of his characters. It was providing a greater ability to releate to the topic. His work ‘the painter of sign’ is revealed about the traditional and modern culture. In this play Raman is the male succumbing protagonist. He was fallen love with daisy, who is liberal outlook in the true sense of term. She is social worker and she lectures on sex –education, contraception, family planning. She praised the modern culture and then Raman’s another female characters is his elder Aunt, who is very traditionalist. She praised traditional values and practices, the Hinduism is known as santanan dharma and she devoted her life to caring for the orphaned Raman. In this two types of loving person and their cultures because he secede anyone one in his life. Narayanan writing is based on formal thing. The normal person life and feeling. Like that the caste and religion, the division of culture is also problematic in human life.

    Keywords :
    Succumbing, Contraception, Sanatana dharma, Gandharva, Religious

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