Designation : Asst.Professor, Dept of English SSS Shasun Jain College for women Chennai

    Journal Name : Reserach maGma

    Publication Date : 11/10/2017

    Abstract :
    R.K.Narayan , the magical creator of an unforgettable locale ‘Malgudi’ was one of the leading authors of early Indian writing in English . The social complexities and relatable characters portrayed in the fabric of his fictional world were simple and compressed yet appealing and significant in the present context of literary world. The most autobiographical of all his works ‘The English Teacher’ is a close parallel between R.K.Narayan’s life and the protagonist Krishna. It is dedicated to the writer’s wife Rajam who left for her heavenly abode when their only daughter was three. The novel narrates the trauma, pain, agony and helplessness of Krishna and his journey to attain the spiritual insight on life and death. From being a not so happy English Teacher to have been living an uninterrupted domestic journey to the sudden demise of his wife, Krishna’s transit is beautifully penned with ease and poignancy. The present paper would be a humble effort to delineate the aspect of love in Krishna’s life and how it became a source of enlightenment in his gloomy and soulless life after the death of his wife Susila.

    Keywords :
    Love tale, Meeting, Death

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