Designation : Assistant Professor, Department of English, M.M.E.S Women’s Arts and Science College, Melvisharam.

    Journal Name : Reserach maGma

    Publication Date : 11/10/2017

    Abstract :
    Indian art forms possess an exceptional place in Indian culture and are neglecting their brilliance in today’s world. But through literature, diverse Indian writers have tried to keep the art vigorous in their writings, therefore to enrich our literature. Anita Nair, an Indian women writer has made unambiguous use of classical art work and the present paper emphasize on how she has used in her novel, Mistress made elegant use of the traditional dance form ‘Kathakali’, and Nair has infused all the nine ‘Navarasa’ in the scenario to focus on the existential predicament of mind of the persona. The subject of post-colonial women pressured to break up from the orthodox benchmark of the society under the impact of the western culture has been dealt with accordingly. The novel Mistress is set in the backdrop of the river Nila. People live in the locale want to embrace new lifestyle but also want to hold on to their ancient customs. Therefore, we see fusion of tradition and modernity. Characters in the novel have to make their own choices between the arts, rituals and westernized style of living. Post-colonialism brought plenty of adjustments in its wake. This novel has brought the exterior intricacies which involved a man-woman kinship in post-modern era which is evidently dissimilarity to the past.

    Keywords :
    Indian Culture, Post-Colonial, Western Culture, Lifestyle, Intricacies.

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