Designation : Teaching Assistant, SCSVMV University, Enathur, Kanchipuram .

    Journal Name : Reserach maGma

    Publication Date : 11/10/2017

    Abstract :
    The fiction beautifully portrays the work and life imbalance. Strewn with psychological elements it revolves around samantha sweeting the protagonist. She chooses the flight response when she is in an unmanageable situation beyond her handling capacity, inferring us her twitchy condition. As well the important cue that secondary motives such as the basic needs and personal freedom, which may lead to mechanization of life and subsequent suppression of emotions, destroying the vitality. When she feels fulfilled, refusing even the opportunity once she desired the most, emphasizing the importance of primary motives. The author wonderfully depicted the corporate firms and the modern slavery in disguise. Although the novel is not flawless, those trivial details can be ignored for their inconsistencies, considering the beauty of construction of plot.

    Keywords :
    Psychological Perspectives

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