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    Journal Name : Reserach maGma

    Publication Date : 11/10/2017

    Abstract :
    The early decades of the 20th century ,especially the period after world war 1,is known as the modern age .while ,the roots of modernism can be traced back late 19th century most historian agree that high point of modernism or high modernism came only after world war 1.Twentieth century British literature was developed in the English speaking world due to general sense of disillusionment with the Victorian era attitudes of certainity conservation and belief in the idea of objective truth .Harold Pinter is one of the pioneers of the theatre of absurd .The play s of Pinter are highly influenced by the philosophy of absurdism of Albert camus and Jean Paul satre. The Humour in Pinter’s plays springs for absurd situations, absurd actions,Absurd behavior and absurd statements of the characters. In the care taker,we laugh at that which hurts us most and we weep at that which is most foolish in our nature .We pity Aston and Davies in the care taker but at same time we laugh at davies for making himself ridiculous in the end .This paper is humour and absurd elements in Harold Pinter’s The care taker .It is an absurd play and he acknowledged a connection between his work as an actor and his play ,”yes my experience as an actor has influenced my plays –it must have –though it is my plays-it must have –though it is possible for me to put finger on it exactly”

    Keywords :
    Absurdism, Caretaker, Humour, Companionship

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