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    Journal Name : Reserach maGma

    Publication Date : 11/10/2017

    Abstract :
    Nihilism, the rejection of all religious and moral principles, with that belief defines everything in life is meaningless. So nihilism is the negativity and it shows the pessimistic attitude of any human being, who believes all the customs and beliefs are nothing in the world. In this concept, the people who are being nihilistic attitude behave for their own without concerning about the society. This paper talks about aims at explaining the dark side of the real world how the people change against the moral world when they experience horrors’ in their life. Lester Ballard is a protagonist in Child of God become the mountain dweller and involves in all immoral activities and violates the moral boundaries. Ballard’s abandonment of his ancestral property and it was auctioned by the officials, he tries protecting his family property by fighting with the official people but he could not able to get rid of that and was tackled by the sheriff. Then Lester became an outsider and stays alone in his shabby home and changes his character and obsessed with pedophilia as well as his descent into necrophilia and murderer, throughout the novel he makes everyone to feel annoyed and always corrupted with the thought of looking at the girls and want to have sex with girls and even corpses. This kind of attitude shows how the man psychologically affected and how he loses his self-esteem. CormacMcCarthy a pioneer writer of twentieth century American literature explains the kinds of existent disasters which no author explains in depth in their works. Child of God is such a novel and makes everyone to wonder about the horrors and disasters faced by the people.

    Keywords :
    Nihilism, Pessimistic, Customs, Abandonment, Pedophilia, Necrophilia, Psychologically, Disasters.

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