Designation : Research Scholar, Stella Maris College, Chennai

    Journal Name : Reserach maGma

    Publication Date : 11/10/2017

    Abstract :
    In an independent country where after many years we hear the Indian Supreme Court giving the LGBT community freedom to express safely their sexual orientation under Right to Privacy law, some still tend to give a different look when we hear about the very term LGBT. In the fiction world too, it has a different place altogether. E.M. Forster in his book, Maurice shows the triumph of true love in his book in a similar way and that too in a country where homosexuality is prohibited. This novel has been made into a movie too. This paper shall look at the novel from a famous writer in a critical perspective with highlighting the aspects of LGBT literature and how the novel neatly fits in it.

    Keywords :
    LGBT, Homosexuality, Hierarchy of classes, Friendship

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