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    Journal Name : Reserach maGma

    Publication Date : 12/10/2017

    Abstract :
    Florence Onye Buchi Emecheta the female Nigerian writer settled in England was born to Igbo parents in Yaba, a small village near Lagos, Nigeria on 21 July 1944 managed to get an education at a missionary school bound by the custom she left the school at the age of sixteen to marry a man to whom she had been engaged since eleven years old. She became a mother at seventeen had two sons and three daughters by the time she was twenty-two. She moved to London in 1960, where she worked as a librarian and became a student at London University in 1970. She began to write about the women in Nigeria in ‘The Bride Price’, and ‘The slave Girl’ both the novels are an account of women’s experiences in the face of changing values in traditional Igbo society. The black women’s literary tradition began in a conscious effort to create a space for black women’s writing to illustrate a distinction between black women’s reality and the reality of others. Identity is an important part of black women’s literature. Race, Class, Gender and ethnicity are all components of one’s identity. All of Buchi Emecheta’s novels take up the question of where the character’s original Home is, what ancestral roots are and how such things shapes black female identity. Her characters in the novels are searching for self completion, a way to feel unified or at least a distinct way of feeling to be a part of larger community/ culture.

    Keywords :
    Emecheta, Women’s Identity, Nigerian women, Slave Girl

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